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The rapid spread of covid-19 virus has caused frustration and anxiety to all those who planning their vacation worldwide. Thinking of that and following all the developments, abb charter is here to provide you the security you are looking for.

Having prioritized your safety and always following the instructions of the World Health Organization and the prohibitions that exist in each country, we renew our rescheduling policy so as not to have any concern for making your holiday and your money.

During the current Covid-19 travel restrictions, customers can reschedule their reservation with the same charter company for later available terms, and the amount paid will be transferred to their new booking. The other option is to get a voucher for the amount they have already paid which can be used towards a future charter with the same charter company within an 18-month period. During this process our staff will assist through the steps and facilitate necessary communication for the requests to go through.

Rescheduled charters are subject to current pricing. Our policy qualifies COVID-19 disruption a government advisory against traveling to your destination or restrictions preventing us from operating your charter at the departure destination. In other cases, our usual cancellation terms apply.

Boat hygiene

All yachts displayed on abb charter follow all hygiene standards.

Abb charter is in constant contact with boat owners, ensuring the safety of its customers.

Rescheduling Option

Do you have questions about a booking?

The team of abb charter is here to help you with any booking questions you may have. Feel free to contact us for any concerns that might appear, our goal is to make you sure and comfortable with your yacht charter experience!

At the same time, we urge you to follow all the hygiene rules that have announced by the World Health Organization.

Finally, before starting your trip, our company will provide you with all the necessary information and rules that you must follow so that the trip will be safe.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact to us.

Covid policy