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Bahamas Yacht Charter and Boat rental Bahamas Yacht Charter and Boat rental Bahamas Yacht Charter and Boat rental

The Bahamas have long been a popular destination for travellers of all kinds from all corners of the world. The islands are most well-known for commercial cruise ship and resort vacations, but what if you prefer the slower pace of hidden harbours and sleepy seaside settlements?

Sailors love the Bahamas for its sheltered harbours, easy-to-challenging sailing areas, and pristine, deserted islands. Within many of its protected territories where fishing is prohibited, you will find the most enchanting diving and snorkelling. Stretches of mangroves play home to wildlife on sea and land.

Legendary swimming pigs and three-foot iguanas greet you on white-sand beaches that dot the Caribbean islands, while sea turtles, friendly nurse sharks and colourful fish swim with you below the surface. A traditional vacation on land pales in comparison to seeing the world from your own private yacht.

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