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Booking with abb charter is easy and safe! Being an experienced team of real sailing lovers and sailing lovers at heart, we have all the knowledge needed to make your reservations as simple as possible, while providing you with information that you need and can trust. We have a wide selection of sailboats, catamarans, motorboats, gulets, speedboats and everything in between. Choose the best destinations and live a unique experience.

Verified Boats

The charter companies we work with are professionals and our team verifies every boat on our website to make sure the highest standards are met for each of our customers. Being on holiday is a time of complete freedom and doing what you want to when you want to so we will do our best to make your reservation smooth sailing.

Best Prices

We guarantee the best prices, however if you find lower prices elsewhere, email us and our team will try to match those prices for you, while remaining within our terms and conditions. Value for money is something we pride ourselves in so what you are paying for is what you are getting!

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All payments are secure, and your personal details are kept safe.

24/7 Customer Service

Abb charter team is at your service 24/7. If you have any questions before, during or after your vacation just contact us, and one of our experts will always be able to assist you.

Why book with us

Explore the top destinations worldwide

Charter a boat and live unforgettable moments in these top destinations worldwide! Choose your favorite destination and book the yacht you prefer in a few clicks! Bareboat or crewed charter, we deliver you the best holiday sailing package! Contact with our expert sailing team if you need more info about Yacht Rental worldwide, and ask for your personal custom discount! Contact us now for custom discount and price!


Bareboat & Crewed Yacht Charter

Yacht & Catamaran Charter Holidays are known for their exlusivity but with Abb we want to expand the joy of yachting holidays to the whole family and all of your friends! Our company has an expert boat holidays team that is ready to create the best yacht trip for you. Charter a Yacht, Bareboat or Crewed and be the first to say you have travelled the seas with Abb and make your holidays complete with a yachting trip! Relax and enjoy unforgettable vacations at the destination of your choice!!! Abb is all about finding the right type of boat for you to enjoy whilst visiting one of the destinations on our site. Whether you need ideas on where to sail to or you would like to inquire about a boat you have our eye on, we are at your fingertips awaiting your requests. What are youwaiting for? Book A Yacht now!
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