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When you think of Greece let’s be honest, mostly people think white and blue but visiting the Ionian islands gives you a whole lot of greenery that is so unexpected it takes your breathe away. Reserve a yachting experience to Corfu or to Kefalonia or to Lefkada through our site and add extras to make your trip extra special. Want a night under the stars? Want a day under the sun, jumping off the side of the boat into the deep blue sea? No need to look any further. You have found us, the next step is just a click away.

Imagine the beaches you will visit, whether you like to feel soft sand under your feet or the pebbles that act as a natural reflexologists releasing stress from your everyday life. Come experience the sea and the islands through our eyes and make it an unforgettable vacation.

Charter a Yacht in Ionian, and enjoy quiet sandy beaches in picturesque coves with ideal water for sailing! | Boat hire in Ionian with Abb Charter


Ionian Yacht Charter